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Kamren Long

Quarterback (2020-2021)

Kamren's skills as an athlete speak for themselves. What makes Kam stand out from all those around him is his leadership skills. He may not be the most vocal of past leaders Coach Lowery has had, but while some leaders "Talk the Talk", number 3, "Walks the Walk", and that speaks volumes.

     Coach Lowery has always told his team that leaders don't look for others to serve them, but rather to be in the service of those they chose to lead. No player has ever demonstrated this better than Kamren Long. This has been demonstrated to the coaching staff of Ten Oaks on more than one occasion. It can be as simple as staying behind to push all the chairs in after a meeting where his teammates didn't leave the classroom in the same condition they found it. Never with a look of frustration, but rather as a person that saw a job that needed to be done and did it.

     Kamren didn't play in the spring flag league this year to concentrate on his training for his future as a starting quarterback at Carolina Forest HS. This didn't stop him from being at every game he could to cheer on and support his peers with encouragement or instruction. One day when the field was clear of players and fans, the staff was faced with the task of cleaning the grounds and gathering equipment. One player remained who had no stake in the game other than to do what needed to be done. Kam stayed until everything was up. 

     The highlight this spring for Coach Lowery was when he got to coach the championship game with Kamren, who had gotten them both an ice cream sandwich, and now way Coach feels every game should be coached. It also gave him an opportunity to see him interact with his teammates as a mentor and coach. 

     There is no doubt Mr. Long is one of the best quarterbacks to come through the Carolina Forest feeder programs, but what truly sets him apart is his ability to lead by example. He truly lives out Coach Lowery's belief that if you "Do the Little things right, the Big things will take care of themselves."

TOMS vs St. James

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TOMS vs Myrtle Beach

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